The Applied Management Centre helps people learn practical management and leadership skills.

We work with colleges and universities around the world to provide management courses and certificate programs.  We also provide companies and other organizations with expert, on-site professional development courses, workshops and seminars. Our commitment to using only the most effective teaching methods sets us apart from other training providers, and ensures that our courses are practical and easy to understand.

We have been providing high quality professional training services for many years. Choosing one of our training courses will help you become more effective and successful by improving your management abilities. We create our courses and other programs using the skills we have gained both from decades of real-life management experience, and formal management qualifications. By building balanced and practical courses we provide effective training that can be adapted to suit your needs.

The Applied Management Centre only teaches management skills and methods which have been properly researched, and which have been shown to work in the real world. All our courses include practical exercises that teach you to apply the skills you are learning.