“AMC’s Project Management program has been an outstanding success for our college.  In the ten years we’ve worked together, the Applied Management Centre has been a terrific partner: actively promoting this program, constantly updating their material, and delivering the highest quality instruction.  They have innovated with online delivery and looked to expand their offerings with exam prep.  The student evaluations for this program consistently praise the quality of instruction.  More than 1000 graduates can’t be wrong!”
Daniel Thorpe
Dean, Continuing Studies

“Taking the Applied Project Management program was hands down one of the best decisions I have made to excel in my career.  Project Management was not only a perfect fit for my personality and skill set but it was also critical for me to take a program that would be very versatile.  The program itself was extremely well laid out, very organized, timelines were attainable and the communication was very clear.  The ability to take the course as a whole or complete it course by course at your convenience was a fantastic option.   Working full time and going to school can make life a little more intense but the flexibility of the courses assured me that I could make it work for my lifestyle. The instructors made each and every course interesting, engaging and a lot of fun.  Each time I completed a lesson, I really felt that I had invested in myself and that both I and my employer would benefit from it.  The other students in my program were amazing and I will maintain those friendships and contacts long into my career.”
Jill Shewfelt
Applied PM Certificate Student

“I can’t say enough good things about AMC and the Applied Project Management Certificate program.  I was prepared to spend a lot more money on tuition at another institution, and I am very glad I didn’t.  The classes are fun, but rigorous.  The instructor drew on useful, real-life examples that were on the mark, and it is obvious that he has a mastery of the material.  In my mind, there is no comparison between AMC’s instruction and other project management instructors that I have experienced.  Enrolling in this program was a key step in my career.”
Ken Pinzauti, P.Eng.
Applied PM Certificate Student

“Our college has been been working with the Applied Management Centre since 2011, and they have been great to work with from the start. Their assistance was vital in the success of the credential approval process here.  The curriculum design and the instructors’ passion as educators show through in the program. The high student success rate is the result of their hard work and dedication to the students.  I look forward to many years of working with the Applied Management Centre on this program.”
Patricia Larose, CTDP
Program Coordinator, School of Business

“I can honestly say that you’re my favorite instructor.  You have the perfect mix of making the class fun, while pounding through the details and skills required.  Bringing your real-world practical experiences into the classroom is an additional benefit that makes the class more interesting and entertaining, and adds to the value gained from the investment. Importantly, I can put to use the knowledge and tools you teach us the very next week at work.”
Jennifer Blome
Applied PM Certificate Student

“I wanted to thank you again for all of your support.  I have taken a number of online courses in the past and the difference with this one is that I truly felt supported throughout.  Thank you for taking time to answer my many questions and working through issues with me.  I have learned so much and I really enjoyed the whole program from start to finish.  It was a lot of work, and a big learning curve for me, but I had fun along the way.  This has really opened my eyes to the world of Project Management.”
Kelly Vaillancourt
Applied PM Certificate Student

“The Applied Management Centre set a standard for efficient and effective project management and for producing high-quality instructional courseware very rapidly.”
Don McIntosh, PhD
Telus Learning Services

“Taking this program was a critical move in my professional career and a must for anyone wanting to be a cut above the competition!”
Riz Rafiq, PMP
Applied PM Certificate Student

“My expectations were met and exceeded! AMC’s facilitator is the best instructor I’ve ever had in a business course”
Nancy Cogburn, PMP
Applied PM Certificate Student

“The Applied Management Centre provided quality services, delivered by highly-skilled professionals, for a reasonable price. Our curriculum editing staff use the AMC product as a benchmark for instructional design and technical writing.  I would recommend them without hesitation for any project management or training engagement.”
Cameron MacKenzie, CGA, CHRP
CGA Canada

“The course environment is both challenging and stimulating. I regularly apply the knowledge and skills I learned in this rigorous and practical program. I’d recommend the program to anyone wanting to truly prepare themselves for the non-sugar-coated reality of project management.”
Malcolm McKinnon, MBA
Applied PM Certificate Student

“I took the program in 2006. As a result of this training, I achieved a promotion and significant increase to my salary.”
Janice Milnerwood, PMP
Applied PM Certificate Student

“The Applied Management Centre established a comprehensive project management system for our organization, which exceeded anticipated accuracy levels and has resulted in improved resource management, significantly reduced scheduling conflicts and, perhaps most importantly, cost savings on the projects undertaken by the company. Additionally, the knowledge/skill levels of our project staff were improved beyond my expectations.  I was extremely pleased with the return on our investment in project management and would not hesitate to use AMC’s services at any time in the future.”
Tony Koch
Health Shared Services BC (HSSBC)

“The program not only gave us the information, but challenged us to learn it and use it in real project scenarios. Great program!”
Alexis Applin, PMP
Applied PM Certificate Student

“Absolutely one of the best courses I have experienced.”
Jinger Jutla, PMP
Applied PM Certificate Student